Get convenient IV therapy at home with professional nurses. Boost your health and wellness with our safe and personalized treatments. Book now for reliable and comfortable at-home IV therapy.

Sidra Healthcare provides Home Services in Dubai

IV Therapy at Home Service in Dubai

Discover the leading and best-suited health and wellness solution with IV therapy at home. Our team of healthcare specialists provides a personalized procedure tailored to your needs. Promote immunity, improve memory, and gain radiant skin with customized vitamins and minerals. Reduce stress and boost your mood with our IV infusions. Experience the ease and convenience of at-home treatment for optimal well-being. Entrust our experts to provide the best IV therapy experience, opening your path to optimal health and fitness. Whether you’re seeking rejuvenation or recovering from an illness, IV therapy at home is your solution.

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Our Packages

Wellness & Recovery IV Therapy Packages at Home

Experiencing fatigue or encountering a travel challenge? Our Wellness & Recovery IV therapy at home packages deliver a range of drips tailored to your precise needs for rapid absorption – right in the convenience of your home. This assists in combating fatigue, boosts your immune system, and fights dehydration, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and prepared to take on the day with renewed energy.

Beauty & Fitness IV Therapy Packages at Home

Desire to achieve a radiant complexion and boost your fitness endeavors, without leaving the amenity of your house? Our Beauty & Fitness IV therapy at home packages offer a tailored blend of vitamins and nutrients formulated to enhance your skin’s well-being, reinforce athletic performance, and maximize stamina levels. This will result in you having a wholesome glow and feeling energized and rejuvenated.

Express IV Therapy Packages at Home

Need a speedy boost without the nuisance and inconvenience? Our Boosters/Express IV therapy at home packages deliver a quick, efficient, and practical way to address primary requirements, right at your residence. Whether you’re desiring a post-illness recovery, or undergoing dehydration, or fatigue these targeted infusions administer vital vitamins and fluids delivering rapid results. Regain feeling your best, quickly and conveniently, without stepping out of the comfort that is your home.

IV at Home

Why Choose Sidra Healthcare for IV Therapy at Home?

You can feel a lot better and recover from several medical issues more rapidly with IV therapy. Acquiring the proper dose of essential nutrients while being closely monitored by a specialist is crucial. IV therapy at home offers unparalleled comfort and convenience, ensuring you get comprehensive top-notch care right where you need it most. 

Sidra Healthcare puts your safety and well-being first. We are a thoroughly licensed and insured provider of home IV therapy, guaranteeing peace of mind during your treatment. Our qualified, experienced, and trained staff will function closely with you to bring forth a personalized plan and deliver the highest quality care in the comfort of your own home.

The following are some reasons to pick Sidra Healthcare for IV Therapy at Home in Dubai:

  • Tailored dosage based on a thorough understanding of the patient’s needs.
  • DHA-certified doctors and nurses administer IV therapy.
  • Absolutely hygienic and secure medical procedures.
  • Services are provided within 30 minutes or at the time allotted.
  • Infusion of high-quality vitamins in the convenience of your home.

Service Overview

The utmost care and medical attention should be given to your loved ones. And Sidra Healthcare delivers this high-quality medical treatment right to your door. Simply give us a call at +971 56 680 0587 or fill out the contact form, and a member of our committed staff will contact you as soon as possible.

When vitamins are taken orally, our bodies only absorb 10% of them. Our bodies can absorb up to 100% of an IV fusion. Vitamins that are directly injected into the bloodstream cause an immediate sense of recovery that lasts for no more than 45 minutes. Effects include anti-aging, instant rejuvenation, immune system stimulation, cleansing, hydration, and increased vitality.

This is precisely why Sidra Healthcare offers high-quality IV therapy at home, with licensed and experienced nurses assisting you in easily administering them. Our DHA-certified staff will suggest the right combination of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids for your condition. Our staff is the ideal go-to IV provider since we can give both one-time and ongoing infusions in the comfort of your home.

IV Therapy at Home Process

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Please visit our website and navigate to the section about IV therapy. Select your desired treatment and schedule a convenient date and time for your at-home session.


A healthcare professional will contact you for a virtual consultation. In this consultation, we will discuss your health goals, medical history, and specific IV therapy requirements.

At-Home IV Therapy

The skilled nurse will arrive at your doorstep with all the equipment and supplies you need. Ensure your comfort and safety while administering IV drip therapy. Enjoy IV therapy at home.

Other Services

Experience the pinnacle of convenience and personalized care with our IV therapy at home service. Elevate your well-being, recover faster, and enjoy the comfort of receiving treatments in the privacy of your own space. Trust us to deliver exceptional at-home IV therapy for your optimal health.



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      Get convenient IV therapy at home with professional nurses. Boost your health and wellness with our safe and personalized treatments. Book now for reliable and comfortable at-home IV therapy.



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