Experience convenient sample collection, accurate results, and personalized attention with our Lab at Home services in Dubai.

Lab Test at Home in Dubai

Access Quality Lab Services, Without Leaving Home

Our Lab at Home service has been designed to enhance your healthcare experience by providing you with the opportunity to complete lab tests in the comfort and safety of your home. This service can be accessed at your convenience. Being able to undergo lab tests at home will help you feel relaxed and save you anxiety. We offer most lab tests ordered by your doctor, from a simple culture test to a complicated cholesterol test at home.

  • Lab test at comfort of your Home.
  • Save your precious time.
  • DHA Qualified Lab Technician.
  • Deliver the accurate results in no time at your home.

Blood Test at Home in Dubai

Blood Test Services Delivered to Your Home in Dubai

Do you know that you can get quality lab tests done at home, and that too by a DHA Certified Nurse? Sidra Home Healthcare pioneers at-home blood sample collection services in Dubai and promises fast and accurate results through internationally Accredited Labs. They ensure complete safety and privacy, as sample collection is done at home. Plus, the results are shared within 24 hours of sample collection.

The best thing is that the service is available at a very reasonable price that everyone can afford. In addition, the level of experience that nurses have is exceptional, everyone knows exactly what they are doing while collecting the samples and the process goes smoothly, which is another reason why you should definitely choose Sidra Home Healthcare. Moreover, along with the sample collection service you can also get so many other services, such as pathology tests, health check-up or vaccination. In short, you can get all sorts of services without any discomfort and at the most reasonable price here. Finally, customer service is available 24/7, making sure all queries and doubts are answered promptly.

The Best Lab Test At Home Services

When we or someone we care for is sick or needs medical attention, we want the most comfortable care possible in the shortest amount of time. Sidra Home Healthcare provide you with the best lab at home services in Dubai. Our committed team is here to provide high-quality care for your health. All of our services, from test sampling and collection to diagnosis and drug administration, are provided by our team of professionals.

Lab a home Dubai is one of the best home healthcare services in Dubai. By using Lab at Home in Dubai, you can experience several lab tests, accurate diagnosis, individualized care, and valuable health information at your luxurious home.

  • Convenience

    By having lab tests performed in the convenience of your home, you can save the inconvenience of commuting to a laboratory.

  • Personalized Care

    Lab at Home services provide individualized care that is tailored to your needs and ensures your comfort.

  • Comprehensive Lab Testing

    A wide range of diagnostic tests, including blood tests, urine tests, pathology tests, and more, are covered by Lab at Home services.

  • Professional Experience

    Professionals with expertise in precise sample collection and analysis provide Lab at Home services. These professionals include skilled laboratory technicians.

  • Convenient Reports and Delivery

    Get test results quickly by receiving test reports electronically or over secure methods.

  • Multiple Testing Categories

    The services offered cover a range of testing types, including general health, the management of chronic diseases, maternity care, and preventive health screenings.

Lab Test at Home Process

It's important to follow any specific instructions provided by the Lab at Home service
provider regarding fasting, medication restrictions, or other preparations prior
to the test to ensure accurate results.

Schedule Appointment

Schedule your lab test with Sidra Lab at Home. Provide necessary details such as the type of test required and the preferred date and time for the visit.

Sample Collection

For lab test at home, a healthcare professional will visit your home on the agreed-upon day. Blood or urine samples will be collected using sterile procedures and the right tools.

Result Delivery

Upon collection, samples are safely transported to the lab. Interpretation, validation, and processing by experts. We inform you when the results are ready.

Other Services

Sidra home healthcare in Dubai provides personalized medical care, nursing services, rehabilitation, and therapy in the comfort of patients’ homes. It offers convenience, specialized attention, and improved quality of life for individuals with healthcare needs.



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      Experience convenient sample collection, accurate results, and personalized attention with our Lab at Home services in Dubai.



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