You are recovering post-surgery, but at the mention of a hospital, you get overwhelmed. Or you have to provide intensive care for an elderly parent. Under such circumstances, it is preferred to receive care from the comfort and convenience of your own home. This is where Sidra’s Nurse at Home services come in handy. We provide proper care for outpatients, new parents, senior citizens, and other people who require special attention. The trained and compassionate nurses at Sidra enable healing and recovery in the most effective way. All of this is in the presence of your loved ones to ensure you receive the support needed to thrive. 

Living with Chronic Conditions at Home

For people managing their chronic health conditions, Sidra’s Nurse at Home services are very beneficial.

Disease Education: Our nurses can further provide information regarding your specific conditions. This may include its causes, factors that can exacerbate or trigger the condition, and ways in which it can be managed. It also puts you in a position where you feel okay and can also participate in certain decisions affecting your health.

Medication Management: If one has chronic illnesses, they will understand that managing their medications can be quite taxing. Sidra’s nurses can help you with medication administration, and refills, and talk to you about the medications you take and their possible effects.

Monitoring and Early Intervention: Conducting daily check-ups that involve observing different vital signs as well as other aspects of health plays a very significant role in the early identification of issues that may arise in the future. Our nurses can recognize these problems and act together with your doctor to avoid common and less serious complications.

Lifestyle Management:  lifestyle plays a huge role in the development of chronic conditions. Why because in a sense it is the cause of chronic conditions. Consult with our professional and qualified nurses to get suggestions on modifications. Ones that can be made to your meal plan, mode of exercise, and other related activities.

Emotional Support: This is a result of the effects that are associated with various chronic illnesses. Ones that can make one emotionally strained. Sidra’s nurses are always ready to listen to whatever you have to say. This ensures that the difficulties of your health concerns are handled.

Nurse at home

Specialized Care for Seniors

Our healthcare requirements are bound to change. This is why as people advance in age, their health requirements are likely to change too. Sidra’s Nurse at Home services can provide invaluable support for seniors by

Assisting with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs): We can help seniors who need help in getting a bath, dressing, grooming,  toileting, or any other form of help regarding basic needs of life with our professionally trained nurses doing the noble work.

Fall Prevention: Falls pose a serious threat to seniors. The nurses who are attending you or your family member can evaluate your fall risk and talk to you regarding factors that may alter the risk of falling including the acquisition of grab bars and ways of making your home safer.

Medication Management: Managing many prescriptions is always tricky. Nurses at Sidra Healthcare, extensively help maintain the right dosage of medication. This reduces the chances of cases where the patient receives larger doses than required.

Chronic Disease Management:  Prolonged diseases are one of the leading illnesses that affect elderly people who are at home. One characteristic feature of elderly people is that many of them suffer from one or several chronic diseases. Instead of letting the disorders progress further, our nurses provide an individual and specific commitment to the patients. This ensures they are adequately instructed and provided with the best ways and procedures to deal with their illnesses.

Socialization and Companionship: Loneliness is a great problem for seniors and they can experience deep loneliness even if they live with family members. Our nurses can also offer social engagement with patients to alleviate loneliness and better their overall mental well-being. 

Peace of Mind for Families

For any family, protection of their loved ones from harm is the top priority. Whenever one of the family members needs Medical attention it becomes quite challenging not to mention the stressful period. Sidra’s Nurse at Home services provide peace of mind to families by: 

Ensuring Quality Care: The clients find it comforting to know that well-trained nurses with admirable experience attend to the patients. Our extensive screening and training process ensures that your loved one is in the best hands. 

Reduced Hospital Stays: Very often, home professional care can save a person from being admitted to a hospital or can shorten a hospital stay. Thus helping your loved one recover at home.

Improved Communication: We keep all relevant parties informed of our client’s condition. To add to this, we will inform your loved one’s doctor too.

Respite Care: It can be highly stressful and demanding if you have to look after a sick or aging loved one at home. In particular, Sidra’s nurses pay attention to what primary caregivers are going through. They help them have a break and temporarily take on their duties.

Emotional Support: Both the patients and the families know the true meaning of this word. Especially when they have the responsibility of taking care of a sick family member. Our nurses can spend time with the families and help them navigate through this tough process.

The Benefits of Choosing Sidra for Nurse at Home Services

At Sidra, we are committed to providing the best and most extensive Nurse at Home services. Here’s what sets us apart:

Compassionate and Qualified Nurses: Our I-V nurses have the knowledge and experience to handle nearly every medical scenario. In addition to this, they always give the necessary care to the patients with dignity and respect.

Customized Care Plans: Lack of choice is a myth that people should do it this way or that way. At Sidra, we do not subscribe to that theory. Our nurses actively coordinate with you, your doctor, and your family to ensure that we establish proximal goals. Ones that are most suited to improving your condition.

Advanced Technology: In today’s time, telecommunications has taken a drastic leap. We find ways to further incorporate advanced technology in our communication and coordination of care. It is important to keep your personal doctor as well as your family, updated on your progress.

24/7 Support: At Sidra, we can guarantee that you will be in good hands throughout.

Commitment to Quality: Sidra is committed to offering quality care to all its patients. We take ownership for constant support and operate with strict ethically acceptable principles.

Taking the Next Step

For more information on finding nurse services at home, we are here to assist you. To the best of our knowledge, we know it can be quite a challenge – to assess and decide when it comes to selecting a home healthcare service provider. Get to speak with us about your requirements. Know how our professional and friendly Nurses will ensure that you get the best home health care.

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