Full Body Adjustment – 60 Minutes

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Would you like to improve your posture and avoid injury down the road? Our Full Body Adjustment will correct misalignment in your spine in order to improve body function.

Full Body Adjustment At Home Is a Specific Treatment to Reduce Musculoskeletal Pain or Discomfort.

DHA Licensed Specialists:
Our DHA-licensed specialist will come equipped with all the necessary personal protective equipment.

What’s Included:

  • Assessment:
    The complete medical history, detailing current symptoms or discomfort, is what we figure out in the 15-minute assessment. The second phase of examining your posture and your limitations -Whether you can go low or bend, the doctor will then physically look at your alignment and range of motion. This can assist in uncovering any of the real problems and thus plan out a unique treatment plan for the same.
  • Treatment:
    The 30-minute Session will primarily consist of manual manipulation techniques to adjust and realign the musculoskeletal system. The therapist will perform this rotational massage using their hands as they apply pressure and move over the areas of the body causing pain in order to bring relief and help heal the body. The treatment may be a blend of spinal adjustments, soft tissue massage or other appropriate treatment approach(es).
  • Safety Guaranteed:
    Our DHA-licensed specialists strictly follow the guidelines from the healthcare authorities’ protocol to ensure safety, health, and hygiene are upheld to the highest standards.

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