Dry Cupping

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Residing with Chronic Aches, Irritation, or Stress?
Our dry cupping procedure can remove these symptoms and regulate your body system.

What Is A Full Body Dry Cupping Session?
Dry cupping is a type of therapy wherein cups made of glass, bamboo, or silicone are placed on different parts of the body and create suction. Unlike traditional fire cupping, dry cupping does not use heat to create suction.

DHA Licensed Specialists:
Our DHA-licensed specialist will come equipped with all the necessary personal protective equipment.

What’s Included:

  • Assessment:
    The provider will review the patient’s health history and will evaluate the patient they types of discomfort or pain the patient is experiencing, and the best areas for placement of the cups for cupping.
  • Cup placement:
    The doctor will put cups on different areas of the patient’s body normally the back, neck, and shoulders using suction to generate a vacuum. Cups may be left on for a few minutes or shifted around to perform different parts of the body.
  • Benefits:
    Cupping is believed to improve blood, flow, help to activate the immune system, and restore balance, and so it helps speed up recovery and reduce inflammation. It is also believed to induce calm and manage stress.
  • Aftercare:
    Aftercare instructions such as avoiding cold or windy weather, staying warm in the treated areas, and keeping hydrated may be provided to the patient by the practitioner.

Treatment duration: 60 Minutes
It is complementary or alternative therapy to the other medical treatment and it focuses on the well-being of the physical and mental state of a person. It is useful for a variety of other conditions like chronic pain, muscle tension, stress, etc. Always safe to consult with a real professional on a new form of treatment.

Safety Guaranteed:
Our DHA-licensed specialists strictly follow the guidelines from the healthcare authorities’ protocol to ensure safety, health, and hygiene are upheld to the highest standards.

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