Muscle Streching Session – 60 Minutes

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Are you in pain or have tight muscles? We can customize stretching to the areas you need and provide pain relief and release.

A Muscle Stretching Physiotherapy SessionA focused, targeted evaluation helps to stretch the muscle, increase the range of motion, and improve physical function.

DHA Licensed Specialists:
Our DHA-licensed specialist will come equipped with all the necessary personal protective equipment.

What’s Included:

  • Passive stretching:
    The physiotherapist will use softer tips and apply pressure on the muscles to loosen and lengthen. Counter their softest edge and compress the muscles.
  • Active stretching:
    The physiotherapist will get the patient to actively stretch their muscles.
  • Dynamic stretching:
    The physiotherapist then takes the patient through a number of challenging movements to exercise as much as possible the different ROM options the patient has.
  • Muscle energy techniques:
    This may involve; the patient tightening the muscle against resistance to enhance muscle flexibility and increase the range of motion.
  • Soft tissue mobilization:
    The physiotherapist will target the soft tissues, massage, or myofascial release to get the muscle flexibility back.
  • Joint mobilization:
    This is done by the physiotherapist slightly moving the joint to increase movement and reduce stiffness.

Home stretching program:
The physiotherapist may also prescribe exercises for the patient to do at home which can help maintain muscle length between sessions.

Treatment duration: 60 Minutes
The physiotherapist will tailor the intervention strategy to the patient, tailoring the therapy plan to the needs and goals of the patient. It is a 45-60 minute session, and patients are instructed to wear comfortable clothes that they can move in easily. Muscle Stretching physiotherapy session is abbreviated as a treatment designed to increases the patients muscle flexibility, range of motion, and improve physical function over time with safe and effective physiotherapy program for long term recovery.

Safety Guaranteed:
Our DHA-licensed specialists strictly follow the guidelines from the healthcare authorities’ protocol to ensure safety, health, and hygiene are upheld to the highest standards.

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